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From June 2014 we will be joining forces with the World´s largest International Association of Travel & Tourism Professionals! This will bring you as a Global the greatest International Travel & Tourism Jobs. To you as Global employer this will bring you the very best international Students and Young Professionals in Travel & Tourism. Starting in June 2014. Stay tuned!

When in Rome… How to eat, work & travel with locals

There is nothing more delightful than the first steps you take when you are heading out on a new adventure. Whether you leave the country by train, bus or boat, the moment you see the familiar scenery disappear behind you, the magical feeling of freedom will come over you. You are on the open road again. The adventure has begun.

To make the adventure even more special, I always found it marvelous to indulge myself in the local way of life. These are the 4 things I love the most:

Eat with locals

It is a great experience to eat with locals. And you can meet up with them in a variety of ways.
There is always the chance of being invited into someone´s home if you met them on the bus or during another occasion. Be open, honest and ask for tips where to go and locals will love to help you!
I remember being invited and eating with a lovely Italian family in their favorite restaurant in Milan, Italy and I just went for it. I ordered the same as they did. When the pasta came (oh so simply delicious, one day I will move here if it was only for the food!), I thought this to be the main dish and completely finished it, only to find it was just a “starter” and the main course was yet to come!

If you choose to eat at small local or family-run restaurants, chances are that locals will invite you to join them. In some restaurants they even have a “policy” that you join your neighbours at one big table. These restaurants are often budget friendly as well. Another advantage is that here the real local fare is served and your new friends would love to recommend you the local specialties and you can some new insights.

Work with locals

Living and working with locals gives you a great opportunity to really experience the local way of life and they can bring you lots of benefits, like accommodation, meals and earnings.
A travel job offers you the chance to grasp how life in this specific place is, it gives you a unique insight you would otherwise never get. You see and experience their habits and customs first-hand.

One summer I was living with a family in Vienna as an au pair: one summer afternoon the children and I were playing at the beautifully decorated balcony in the middle of Vienna, aromas of freshly baked Sachter Torte and the mesmerizing sound of someone playing the violin drifted through the air. I loved it. Working abroad gives you amazing experiences. To find amazing & adventurous travel jobs you can look on message boards in hostels or supermarkets or at specific online resources.

‘Sleep’ with locals

Staying with locals gives a great chance to really see the local way of life. You get a good feeling how it is to live in that specific region or country you are in. The best part is when you are on a trip, for example in mountainous areas, and locals  invite you up to stay with them for the night. This way I have been sleeping in a corner on thick soft blankets of a big Buddhist monastery in Myanmar.

Travel with locals

Using the same transportation as the locals do offers new possibilities for nice conversations and new experiences. These modes of transportation are often a bit slower, offering you the chance for more interaction during a longer period of time and build an relationship. I enjoyed travelling with a Chinese family on a long train ride, sharing food I never ate (or saw for that matter) before.
In most cases travelling with locals, includes travelling by land, giving you the opportunity to see the different landscapes of the country, which can vary wildly and the people from different regions boarding and leaving the bus or train.

As the other Local tips this one as well can save huge amounts of money. First I wanted to by my train ticket for the Trans-Siberian express beforehand, but decided to buy it in Moscow itself. This turned out to save me a pile of money! And when a Russian student I met before, helped me buying it the advantages (being able to hop on and off the train 5 times during the journey to see Russian cities) grew even bigger! It was a journey of a lifetime.

So, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! Enjoy!

Spring is in the Air: Come celebrate our latest improvements!

Since we launched Globals at Work in October 2013 our team has continuously been working at building & growing the Globals at Work platform and community.
According to Google Analytics we´ve now seen more than 3800 visitors to our site, good for 25.500+ page views.

This has led up to Globals going from zero to:

- 100+ Global employees from 31 countries
- 50+ new employers from 27 countries
- 240 likes on Facebook & 61 followers on Twitter

The last quarter of 2013 was all about going live and introducing our platform to the world to get feedback from you.
And it worked. You’ve sent us emails, mentioned us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know extensively how you felt.
So starting 2014 we´ve been working hard to implement all the new features and improvements you suggested!

And those were quite a few. Amongst others:
- The layout in the backend, emails & blog.
- Job search & rating functionalities have been extended.
- Using the GaW messaging system & accepting Globals became easier.

Overall we've made the whole process of job posting, searching & communicating smoother (login here to check it out). And that’s not all.

Currently we are still implementing several new features that will improve our platform even more. So, if you still have any feedback, ideas or tips, please do let us know, we love to hear them all!

Last but nog least we have also made partnerships with and The Best Travelled.

We hope you are as excited as we are to be part of Globals at Work.
Once more, we love to see and hear your reactions.

Sharing = caring and helps us grow the platform and community. 
It makes that we can contribute to more happy travelers & employers all around the world.
So please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or share our platform with your friends & colleagues.

To a great season!

Your Globals at Work team

Let´s connect sparkling internationals to sunny employers

Summertime is coming! Campings, Restaurants, Outdoor Sports Companies: everybody is getting ready for the upcoming Summer season. And of course there is no Summer season without great sparkling staff to help you with anything that has to be done. International employees, or Globals as we love to call them, possess loads of knowledge and experience and are oozing enthusiasm. With them you will be ready for Summer!

So: We invite all employers around the world to post your Summer Jobs!
If you are a Camping, Hotel or Hostel looking for new staff in the Tourism Industry, a farmer looking for employees to work on your land or an outdoor company looking for new guides and instructors: Post your Jobs to invite great new Globals to join you! Europe has a delightful Spring & Summer coming up. 

Let's enjoy together and celebrate an amazing Summer!  

Read what Alison Doyle has to say about Summer Jobs 2014 

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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Happy 2014! We wish you a new year full of unique work & travel experiences all over the world!

Our wish for 2014 for all travellers: to bring you really awesome travel jobs at lovely employers. Our wish for all employers: to help you reach skilled and enthusiastic job seekers, so you'll have the best staff for the new year.

To make joint efforts, exchange knowledge and ideas and share cross-cultural and cross-boundary experiences. This will enrich you as a person, enable you to explore more, grow your business, stimulate the local and global economy and bridge the knowledge gap.

In short: travel jobs will create great benefits and personal experiences for everyone. Our dream is to bring these possibilities to all people and shape the future of global work & travel.

DUTCH week at Globals at Work

We'll be choosing a new country to focus on every week. So let us know your favourite country to work & travel in and we'll place it on top of our list!
Holland is coming up. Our home country full of windmills, bikes, Gouda cheese, the Rijkmuseum and Amsterdam with all its delights.. 

Awesome to meet you all in Europe!

What a great ride the Globals at Work 2013 Tour was! We started our Tour in the cities of astonishing Berlin & indulged in beer fests in Munich, went on to the skiing highlights of Kitzbühel and Zell am See in Austria and Zurich in Switzerland and then on to delicious Milan in Italy, cosy Lyon and lovely Paris. 

We met so many of you and shared big times together in the hostels, restaurants & bars and during our explorations of Europe's great cities. It was a pleasure to be on the road with you. Great that you all joined our platform, welcome welcome! Thank you travellers and employers for all your enthusiasm & inspiration. Together we will make this the greatest traveljob platform on the planet!