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Our vision is to be the leading and trusted Job Platform in Travel & Tourism.

Globals at Work strives to be the leading Job Platform for the Travel & Tourism industry.   
It is a job platform, directly connecting employers with international job seekers, offering career opportunities and unique experiences. We are the international platform where demand & supply of Travel & Tourism jobs can find each other. It is a simple yet very effective tool which increases the amount of jobs available to international Students and Travel & Tourism Professionals. 

Our mission is to enable amazing personal and professional international experiences in the world of Travel & Tourism. For international employers, Global Professionals and hence the public.  

Our focus is on connecting employers and Global job seeking professionals. It makes us happy to help create unique and useful experiences. To enable valuable contributions to the professional careers of our Globals and to the success and growth of the businesses of our Global employers. All around the world. We want to contribute to the success and development of the Travel & Tourism industry on a Global scale.  

We brightly display all jobs that are offered directly by our employers. Globals can then easily connect with these interesting employers. Direct contact is easy: click on the button next to the job and send a reply. 

So who are we? We are Tourism professionals who truly love to work and travel internationally and want to change the world doing so. We want to create amazing experiences by stimulating new Global connections. We do this by creating this platform with job vacancies and sharing our love for work in Travel & Tourism. 

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Our philosophy

Our direct goal is to beneficially connect international Students and Professionals with employers from the Travel & Tourism Industry

We want to help you to grow and help your (Startup) business continue to thrive. To bring you joy and success: both personally and professionally. So how we do this? By stimulating new Global connections between you and the industry's professionals. With our newly created international job platform and sharing our love for work and travel, we will bring you your great professionals full of international professional experience. 

That´s why we built the world's greatest jobs abroad platform, directly connecting global job seekers with employers all around the world. We want to be THE employers ´tool´ to show their career opportunities and reach all professional job seekers within the Tourism & Travel industry. We are the new channel for job seekers worldwide. 

We want to give international Global employees and employers the opportunity to meet & work together. This way Globals and employers alike will enjoy each other's benefits. They will both have unforgettable experiences: by sharing insights, knowledge and efforts. Both will enjoy the very best of each other. 

You will discover the best the profession, country and its people have to offer. From the employer and your new colleagues to your new personal friends you made on and off the job. Working abroad has given me valuable, authentic professional and personal experiences and have made my life and working career infinitely more richer and full of meaning. All the while you are enjoying the benefits as for example earnings, meals and accommodation that might come along with it as well.  

YOU CAN make a big effort as a Global. You are of such great value to employers. Your efforts, knowledge and insights will truly make a substantial contribution to companies worldwide.

Employers will now be able to increase their service level and hence profit level. Together we can make a valuable contribution to international businesses.

The Story of Globals at Work

I love being on the road, go off the beaten track, meet beautiful people and experience their cultures. At the same time I love to fuel my professional career, learn new skills and contribute to a business with my knowledge and enthusiasm. I love these all encompassing experiences.

That is when I started to look for great international jobs in Travel and Tourism. Since then I have been dreaming of creating an international job database with all available international Travel and Tourism jobs in 1 place. One place for Travel & Tourism employers and professionals who want to have the most magnificent professional working experiences together.

Now my dream has become a reality. The Globals at Work team is truly happy to present you Globals at Work: the online jobs abroad platform with the goal of showing you the greatest Travel & Tourism jobs abroad. We will do everything we can to enable the very best connections in the industry. We wish you superb experiences!

Enjoy new work experience, enjoy unique encounters, enjoy great contributions, enjoy all beautiful moments, enjoy life!      

That's the Story of Globals at Work. If you are as passionate as we are about a career in Travel and Tourism around the globe, we love to cordially welcome you to join our fast-growing community!

Happy international experiences!  

Caroline Rood, Founder of Globals at Work

About the company

Globals at Work is an early stage startup founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, second hottest destination in the world to visit in 2013 according to Lonely Planet. Globals at Work is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number KVK 57282463.

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