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7 short tips on how to land a job abroad

Working and Travelling in the World's greatest destinations is a beautiful experience. Working as a professional to gain and exchange experience, or as a traveller based on a passion to see the world. We love to offer Globals and Global Employers the possibility to do so. Our members are now from more than 50 countries, all waiting to find their job abroad. Here are 7 tips to land a job abroad!


1. Develop a job strategy. Define what kind of job board suits you best
2. Choose your ultimate job in terms of skill, knowledge and passion
3. Study the job requirements and develop, polish or acquire key job- and language skills
4. Update your resume and fine-tune your motivation including relevant job-specific skills
5. Prepare and practise for your (online) job interview, show enthusiasm and confidence
6. Communicate clearly to the employer, make sure the job expectations match
7. Verify and arrange travel necessities: visa, transport and accommodation


Partnership Skål International and Globals at Work

What a fantastic weekend! This weekend we signed the global partnership agreement with Karine Coulanges, World President of Skål International. Floating on a boat on the Seine in Paris at sundown during the celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Skål International, the setting was perfect. Read the full press release here
For our Skål International members we have created special benefits.   

Skål International is the largest international association of travel & tourism professionals. By working together, we want to use our platform to connect its members with the industry's professionals. Together we will fuel and inspire leadership, professionalism and innovation in all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. We are proud to work together and are excited to start our partnership!

Welcome early birds!

Dear Travel & Tourism industry entrepreneurs,

We are thrilled to share the benefits and successes of our job platform with you. We love to help you continue to thrive by connecting you with the industry's best professionals. To welcome you as our Early Bird, we very much like to honor you with a Welcome Gift: the first 2 months of your subscription will be for free. 

If you subscribe before September 1st we will add two months of job posting as a welcome gift to your subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime during these 2 months if you like. You will then have enjoyed the benefits of our platform 2 months for free.

We love to welcome you and to bring you the joy of easily filling your vacancies by effectively inviting the industry's international professionals.

Accelerating growth in the Travel & Tourism industry

Our passion is to fuel new travel startups and help them continue to thrive! 

Today the online Travel & Tourism industry is developing quickly, with new cool Travel start-ups sprouting up. To accelerate innovations they need the best professionals. It is our wish to help create new growth opportunities for Travel & Tourism businesses and exciting innovative careers for its professionals.

We love to do this by enabling connections between professionals and employers. These successful connections will lead to amazing personal and professional experiences for professionals and business alike. We like to fuel new travel startups now by giving them the opportunity to publish jobs for free forever! (see below)

Coming up: Great New Partner in Travel & Tourism

From mid-July 2014 we will be joining forces with the World´s largest International Association of Travel & Tourism Professionals. This will bring you as a Global the greatest International Travel & Tourism Jobs. To you as Global employer this will bring you the very best international Students and Young Professionals in Travel & Tourism. Starting mid July 2014. Stay tuned!

Spring is in the Air: Come celebrate our latest improvements!

Since we launched Globals at Work in October 2013 our team has continuously been working at building & growing the Globals at Work platform and community.
According to Google Analytics we´ve now seen more than 3800 visitors to our site, good for 25.500+ page views.

This has led up to Globals going from zero to:

- 200+ Global employees from 31 countries
- 50+ new employers from more than 30 countries
- 500+ likes on Facebook & 60 followers on Twitter

The last quarter of 2013 was all about going live and introducing our platform to the world to get feedback from you.
And it worked. You’ve sent us emails, mentioned us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know extensively how you felt.
So starting 2014 we´ve been working hard to implement all the new features and improvements you suggested!

And those were quite a few. Amongst others:
- The layout in the backend, emails & blog.
- Job search & rating functionalities have been extended.
- Using the GaW messaging system & accepting Globals became easier.

Overall we've made the whole process of job posting, searching & communicating smoother (login here to check it out). And that’s not all.

Currently we are still implementing several new features that will improve our platform even more. So, if you still have any feedback, ideas or tips, please do let us know, we love to hear them all!

Last but nog least we have also made partnerships with HousingAnywhereGomio.com and The Best Travelled.

We hope you are as excited as we are to be part of Globals at Work.
Once more, we love to see and hear your reactions.

Sharing = caring and helps us grow the platform and community. 
It makes that we can contribute to more happy travelers & employers all around the world.
So please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or share our platform with your friends & colleagues.

To a great season!

Your Globals at Work team

Connecting professionals to Travel & Tourism employers

Summertime is coming! Boutique Hotels, top-end restaurants and tropical resorts: everybody is getting ready for the upcoming 2014 Summer season. Of course there is no Summer season without great sparkling professional staff to help you with a smooth running your business. International professionals, or Globals as we love to call them, possess loads of knowledge and experience and are oozing enthusiasm. With them you will be ready for Summer!

We invite you as professional employer within the Travel & Tourism industry, to post your summer jobs! If you are a Hotel Chain, Boutique Hotel or Resort looking for new professional staff: Post your jobs to invite great new Globals to join you! Europe has a delightful spring & summer coming up. 

Let's enjoy together and celebrate an amazing summer!

Happy new year

Happy 2014! We wish you a new year full of unique personal and professional experiences.

Our wish for 2014 for all Global professionals: to bring you really awesome travel jobs at the best employers. Our wish for all employers: to help you reach skilled and enthusiastic professionals, to equip you with the best staff for the new year.

Our wish is to enable you to make joint efforts, exchange knowledge and ideas and share cross-cultural and cross-boundary experiences. This will enrich you as a person, enable you to explore more, grow your business, stimulate the local and global economy and bridge the knowledge gap.

French week at Globals at Work

This week we'll be focusing on France, country with one of most romantic capitals, the blues of the Côte d'Azur and sports events as the Tour de France. La douce France: a delicious holiday destination filled with opportunities within Travel & Tourism.


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