Globals at Work is live!

One of those happy moments in live: Globals at Work is LIVE! For months and months we have been working on our dream to realise this online Travel Job platform. An online job notice board, for the whole Travel & Tourism industry to use.

Since the beginning of my travels and professional career I have always longed for a way to easily find professional jobs in tourism & travel. My wish was to find one source with all professional jobs and careers around the globe. One website where you can choose a country and see what opportunities the industry currently offers in that specific location. Or to be able to choose a special job category within the field of Travel & Tourism, and get an instant overview of where in the world these career opportunities are possible. Being fully qualified, the dream would be complete by being able to apply directly.

At the same time I heard employers say that it is not easy to reach a lot of potential professionals through one medium yet. I remembered words of George Bernard Shaw that if you look for the circumstances you want and if you can´t find them, make them. I am thrilled to bring you Globals at Work: the online travel job platform.

And now we are spreading our wings! Please tell your friends and colleagues about us so we can soon offer big numbers of great jobs in Travel & Tourism! Let Travel Start-Ups and Multinationals alike enjoy this new Travel Job platform to share beautiful moments and unique experiences in life. Lets accelerate and enhance the world of Travel & Tourism.  

To all employers: Post your job to reach professionals worldwide, invite them to your company and enjoy the great efforts, skills and enthusiasm of all Global professionals. Share your knowledge and insights and Make your business flourish!

To all professionals: look what employers in Travel & Tourism have to offer, pick your favorite job and go abroad! Gain experiences, Travel the world, Help others thrive and Live your dream!

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Saskia on Oct. 7, 2013, 7:05 p.m.

Congratulations! I know how hard you worked to get at this point.
I'm sure a lot of Global Travellers and Employers will enjoy this platform in the future.

Lots of succes!

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