7 short tips on how to land a job abroad

Working and Travelling in the World's greatest destinations is a beautiful experience. Working as a professional to gain and exchange experience, or as a traveller based on a passion to see the world. We love to offer Globals and Global Employers the possibility to do so. Our members are now from more than 50 countries, all waiting to find their job abroad. Here are 7 tips to land a job abroad!


1. Develop a job strategy. Define what kind of job board suits you best
2. Choose your ultimate job in terms of skill, knowledge and passion
3. Study the job requirements and develop, polish or acquire key job- and language skills
4. Update your resume and fine-tune your motivation including relevant job-specific skills
5. Prepare and practise for your (online) job interview, show enthusiasm and confidence
6. Communicate clearly to the employer, make sure the job expectations match
7. Verify and arrange travel necessities: visa, transport and accommodation


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