Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is Globals at Work?

A The Globalsatwork website is the world's Travel & Tourism Job and Internship platform, connecting Travel & Tourism Students and Professionals with employers from around the world. The GaW platform offers unique job opportunities and amazing personal and professional experiences. It accelerates growth for businesses and professionals and fuels the Travel & Tourism industry. 

Q What is our aim?
A We want to become the biggest and most trusted Job Platform for the Travel & Tourism industry Worldwide. Our aim is to help establish connections with our platform, to help employers reach and find the industry’s best professionals. (Startup) Employers can then select the very best applicants and take the actual application and hiring process from there.

Let's provide the best professionals & jobs and accelerate the growth of professionals and (Startup) companies and fuel the Travel & Tourism industry.

By stimulating these new Global connections, we like to enable the very best personal and professional experiences. We invite you to take part in a meaningful exchange of efforts, skills and money. With benefits to individuals, companies, communities and the world of Travel & Tourism.

Q How much does it cost?
A You always receive 1 job posting for free!
You can edit this job anytime. You can de-activate it and activate it whenever you like.

If you want to post more jobs you can get upgrade to a higher subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime. If you do this during your current subscription, your subscription ends after this monthly period. Your subscription ends. From October 1st 2014 a monthly subscription fee for your preferred job package applies.  

Yearly subscription fee per job package 

The number of jobs you can activate & publish online is based on your job package. There are 3 options:

  1. 1 job for free $0.00 (Standard)

  2. 5 jobs: $4.99 per month OR $50.00 per year (Professional)

  3. 10 jobs for $7.99 per month OR $89.00 per year (Executive)

Q How can I support Globals at Work?
Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and support! We would be delighted if you would become our Globals at Work supporter.  

Q Can I upgrade or downgrade my job package subscription? 

Yes, you can definitely do this. An upgrade will become effective immediately. You can start publishing new jobs right away.
A downgrade will take effect effect the moment your current subscription ends. Until that time you can fully use your current subscription.  

If you downgrade your subscription, only the most recent jobs will be published online. Your new job subscription package determines the amount of jobs that will be shown online.

Q What are the benefits for Skål International members?
A Click here for the benefits for Skål International members     

Q How does it work in general?
A Please click here for all ins & outs

Q How does it work specifically? (employer)
1. Click on the orange button top right 'Post your job'
2. Sign up with your company
3. Log in to the website with your username & password
4. Post a job vacancy

5. Global job seekers will see your complete job details when they log in
6. When they like to do your job, they send you a message
7. You receive an email notification in your private mailbox: 'You've got mail'
8. Log in to your Globals at Work account & click on 'inbox' to see the message  – or –
9. If you stay logged in to the website, click on the envelope top right
(next to the button My Globals)

10. Click on the name to see the full Globals job seeker profile
11. Click on reply to send them a message
12. Click on 'Accepted' or 'Rejected' to confirm or decline the Global
13. Accepted? Congratulations! Make arrangements together and exchange data
14. Welcome your new professionals to your company

Q How does it work specifically? (job seeker)
1. Click on the orange button 'Find a job'
2. Sign you up
3. Click on the job of your preference
4. Add your motivation and click on 'Apply for job'

5. You receive an email notification in your private mailbox: 'You've got mail'
6. Log in to your Globals at Work account & click on 'inbox' to see the message  – or –
7. If you stay logged in to the website, click on the envelope top right (next to the button My Globals)

8. Click on reply to send them a message back
9. You receive an automated message in your GaW inbox when the employer has accepted or declined you
10. Accepted? Congratulations! Make arrangements together, exchange data & go on your way to your new employer

Q What kind of jobs are on Globals at Work?
A The job vacancies on Globals at Work are all within the Travel & Tourism industry.

The Travel and Tourism industry has a variety of sectors that include Travel Agents, Retail Travel, Wholesale Travel, Visitor Information, Tour Operators, Cruising, Transportation, Events and Tourism Services. Each of these industry sectors has a range of job roles.  

Professionals in the Travel and Tourism industry transport people to new places and destinations, assist with finding, booking or reviewing accommodation and help with sightseeing and activities.  

We have different jobs categories such as hotel/hostel, bar/restaurant and for example office jobs. Among our jobs we welcome skilled seasonal jobs, summer jobs and winter jobs, mid-term jobs and native speaker jobs as well as international internships in the field of Travel & Tourism. Our jobs encompass all levels, from active jobs 'in the field' to management positions.

Q What job types are on Globals at Work ?
A Jobs can have varying durations.

Full-time: A job with a fixed minimum of weekly working hours, defined as such by the employer. Typically this will be between 30 to 40 weekly hours.

Part-time: A job with typically less than 30 fixed working hours per week.

Seasonal: A job for a short / fixed period of time. Temporary job seekers are sometimes called 'contractual', 'interim' or 'freelance'. The work itself can be cyclical in nature, called seasonal jobs or holiday jobs.

Q What do the meal options mean?
A Self-arranged: You arrange all meals yourself.

Bed & Breakfast: Breakfast is provided.

Half-board: Breakfast & dinner are provided.

Full-board: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.

All-inclusive: All meals, snacks, tea, coffee etc. are provided.

Q Why did we create Globals at Work?
A We want to bring you the most amazing international personal and professional experiences. 
We created Globals for Travel & Tourism Professionals who want to gain relevant international professional knowledge and experience and at the same time have a great time abroad.

I often asked myself: How do I find professional jobs in an international environment that will fuel my career? What can I do to realise my dream and career wishes and change the world?  

Which jobs can I do in my favourite country or the country I am going to. What benefits do they offer? Who can I contact directly? 

Q What can you do with Globals at Work?
A Make connections. Finding the greatest jobs abroad. Find skilled and motivated international Professionals. Have the most amazing personal and professional experiences together.

Q How do I sign up?
A You can sign up here as Global Student or Travel Professional and here as an Employer.

Q For whom is Globals at Work intended?
A We made our job board especially for:

1. Global job seekers: International Students and Professionals in Travel & Tourism searching for jobs abroad.
If you love travel, make your career of it! Professionals who work in Travel and Tourism have a passion for travel and a commitment to helping others make the most of their holidays.   
2. Employers: International Professional employers - from young companies as start-ups to established employers as multinationals - from all around the world, looking for skilled seasonal, temporary or mid-term staff in all sectors within the Travel & Tourism industry. Job examples are jobs in: Business Travel, Reservations, Tour Operator, Customer Service, Events, Hospitality, Account Management, Leisure & Fitness.

Employers can see the resume / CV of Professionals and can invite them for an email-, Skype or real life conversation. If everything is perfect, you invite them to come and work for you. It is our dedicated aim to provide you the best staff and make you a highly successful employer.    

Q What are the benefits for global job seekers?
A Unique experiences of a lifetime. Being able to live and work internationally. Enjoy all benefits that come along with it, as broadening horizons, cultural experiences and a change of direction. Gaining experience and insights, developing skills, having fun, incomparable adventures, get to know and help people, make a change. Experiences that makes you feel alive and kicking, colouring your life brightly. 

Enjoy great benefits as salary, accommodation, transportation, (working holiday) visas.

Q What are the employer benefits?
A You will be able to easily reach, select and hire skilled & enthusiastic new international professionals or complement your personnel for the upcoming season and grow your business. >

Invite highly motivated and skilled staff into your business. Benefit from people skills, efforts and inspiration from all around the world.

Treat your guests with knowledgeable personnel, enhance your (customer) service levels, improve your sales and revenues levels and hence enhance profits and extend your business. 

Q What is in it for us? / How do we get around?
A From mid 2014 employers will have to make a financial contribution per job package. With this we will be able to maintain our international travel job platform up to the highest standards and provide a high service level. 

Q Why do I have to sign up?
A At Globals at Work we value reliability and the safety, security and peace-of-mind of all our Globals and employers as our top priorities. By signing up and giving us some of your personal data we know you are taking the application and job fulfilment as serious as we do. We can also contact you when necessary. Read more about safety.

Q Why do we ask our Globals to rate all jobs?
A At Globals at Work we want to offer reliable jobs of the highest quality. To provide the very best job and travel experiences in life.

Q What do we expect of you?
A We expect of all our employers to offer reliable and highly interesting jobs and to provide a good and pleasurable working environment with all necessary amenities. To arrange, if possible, a very nice package of financial, food, accommodation and travel benefits.

We expect of our Globals to be always enthusiastic, skill- and resourceful, pleasurable and hard-working. Showing a keen sense of humour and professional working mentality.

This way it will be possible to give each other the very best cross-boundary experiences. We can make a meaningful exchange of effort, skills and money, with benefits to individuals, companies large and small, local communities and the world as a whole.  

Q Who will see my personal data?
A Only Globals at Work has access to your personal details as your (e-mail) address. We ourselves will not give your data to employers (unless the situation is such that it is absolutely necessary to do so).

Q Who will see my profile? / 
Q What is the difference between private access & public access?
A When you select private: your profile can only be seen by employers whom you have contacted yourself. When you select public: you allow all employers to see your profile when they are logged in.  

Q Who can see my employer contact details?
A Your contact details are not revealed. All your contact details are kept hidden from our Globals. All applications come via email and to an email address you specify (even that is not disclosed). If you wish to display contact details you have the option to do so, by including those details in your job posting itself. Even then, only registered and signed in Global job seekers can see these details.

Q What information does the employer have about me?
A The information the employer has about you is the information you provide by giving the employer access to your profile and the information you personally send him (through the contact form or by further email conversation).

Q What should I do before contacting an employer?
A Always try to verify the employer and its job, by checking out the employer or its website on the internet. Of course we do our utmost best to do that, but please do it yourself as well to be on the safe side.

Q What information can I send to the employer?
A You are free to give any personal data to the employer. Please keep in mind what information is really necessary for the job and to keep in good contact. Read more about safety.

Q What should I discuss with the employer?
A Make sure you have a very good picture of the job as the job location, tasks, benefits involved.

Make sure you have checked all job requirements and confirmed these with your employer. Make clear agreements, arrangements and appointments together so you have the same expectations of each other.

Q What should I arrange for my job?
A Verify critical information (like advice about visas and health and safety) independently before you travel. Make sure you know which visa and job requirements that apply to the country and job you are going to. Search the internet, ask questions on fora or ask your employer.

Apply for the correct (working holiday) visa and take it with you. Take other important documentation with you.

Check all other necessaties and requirements your specific country asks and make sure you fulfil all necessities and meet all specific requirements.

Make sure you have made all necessary travel arrangements. This ranges from confirming your means of transportation as flights, trains and buses, letting your relatives know when and where you are going to buying enough insect repellent.

Q What should I do just before going?
A Remember: ALWAYS email or call to confirm the information before you go. Employers may run out of business or change location, events, times etcetera without updating their job offer online. Check our safety essentials and other safety issues on the web. Make sure you will be safe at all times.

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