Safety precautions

Your safety is extremely important

Your safety is of the utmost important to us! Whether you are working and travelling in busy cities or in remote places, staying in the middle of a politically instable climate or inviting Globals to your company, take sensible safety precautions. Use a healthy dose of common sense and skepticism, ask the right questions and pay attention to warning signs and strange behaviour. Then you will minimise the risk. Make sure to be safe at all times!


Research the employer

Take plenty of time to carefully and thoroughly review employer. Find out as much as you can about the company and/or employer from independent (online) resources before taking up a position. Check out their websites and read what other people and Globals have said about them.
The best thing is to talk with your prospective employer through Skype or meet them face to face before the actual start of the job. Always tell others where you will be working for the coming period of time, so they know where you are.
If you are an employer, follow up on references and check their authenticity. It is highly advisable to interview your applicants beforehand through Skype or in person if possible. This will give you the best indication, the perfect matches and hence the very best results.

Research your destination 

Before you are going to work abroad, inform yourself well about all countries, areas and places you will be travelling in and the cultures you will be meeting. Take your preparations and be sure to know all cultural sensitivities, mores and general safety recommendations of the specific regions. Make sure you have the correct and valid visa and permits and other essential requirements to legally work in your destination. 

Rely on your intuition

Unfortunately there are scammers who might target job seekers, so please be aware of this fact and act with caution, it's all about common sense. If there is a person, job or situation that seems unsafe for any reason, make sure you move away from it directly. Report it to the authorities or if it has do to with our website tell us immediately. Always communicate clearly with others, let them know what you expect, what you want and of course what you do not want to do. Pay good attention to your surroundings and take good care of yourself whenever and wherever you are. 

Use our messaging system

Employers and Globals can easily send messages to each other inside the Globals at Work platform. Globals can contact employers with questions about the job. Once an agreement has been made, employers may contact Globals with additional job details.
Don’t give out your phone number and email address until you meet and feel comfortable with a new person. Use the Globals at Work messaging systems within the website to communicate. 

Rate your job experience

Let other Globals know about your experiences with the employers you have met and worked for by rating each job experience. Be truly honest and clear. If you have had an excellent working experience, do review and rate the job. This will enhance the quality and trustworthiness of the offered jobs. Other Globals can benefit from your honest feedback on the job experience and can follow in your footsteps. Let´s pass on all beautiful experiences!

Do not provide financial details

As a Global You should NEVER need to provide your bank account details or any other financial information, make any form of payment or wire any money upfront to the employer or anyone else, when applying for a job. If anyone asks you for them, please let us know.  

Report all that is not ok 

We encourage you to report any negative experience you have to the (local) authorities and to us. If there is any Global or job seeker's activity that seems suspicious, inappropriate or illegal, we will take action. We will review it and if we feel it is warranted we may remove the job of profile from our platform or take other actions we think are appropriate.

We are here to help build a safe and trusted job platform. Please provide us with your feedback, because we need your input to build the safest platform. Let us know confidentially about negative experiences or concerns to us.

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